We have been providing travelers with apartment and villa rentals in Sunset Crest since 1984. The management team is committed to providing each guest with top notch service.

If you are interested in renting a car, please fill out the form below.  We'll get back to you with a quote. Please include: Type of Car Desired:  Economy, Luxury, Van, etc. Dates Car is Needed:  July 17 - July 28 (etc.) Fill out Car Rental Quote online form. //

Please fill in the form below to reserve an Apartment or Villa.  For general inquiries, please Contact Us. Fill out my online form. // NOTE: If your reservation is for MORE THAN 10 DAYS the rates on the calendar do not reflect the 10% discount. APARTMENTS: For pictures and unit descriptions, please go to the Apartments page. Frangipani [...]

We currently have 2 units for sale in Sunset Crest Golden Anchorage #67 - (click for details) Golden Dream #1 - (click for details) ALSO FOR SALE: We also have one other property for sale in Long Bay, St. Philip.  This is an 3 bd home in a unique and beautiful location.  Click here for more details on [...]

Certain units are only available for long-term leasing (six months or longer). Currently, there is one unit available exclusively for long-term leasing. These units are located along Flamboyant and Cordia Avenues on spacious lots in blocks of three and four. They are only a two-three minute walk from the closest entrance to the beach and [...]